Just Married...

Although it feels like it was just weeks or months ago that we were pronounced Husband and Wife,
today we celebrated our 10-year anniversary!

10 years and counting…
we've lived in 2 states, and are now preparing to live in another country
we've called 1 apartment and 2 different houses "home"
we've had 3 vehicles (including sharing just one for 7 years!)
we've gone from being self-employed "American Dream" chasers to full-time missionaries
we've taken dozens of fabulous trips in 20 different countries
we've enjoyed owning 1 cat (Oliver was cuddly for about 3 months and grumpy for about 3 years)
we've been blessed with 2 incredible kids here and 3 that we can't wait to meet in heaven
we've walked through life... TOGETHER

It is not "just married." It's so much more. It's so much better.

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Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

What a wonderful 10 years you have had....what wonderful paths you've travelled together. Now, on to the next 60! We are praying that God shows you even more things to adore about each other this year. Happy, happy Anniversary kids. We are so incredibly proud of you two. With all our the moon...Mom and Dad

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