Just me and my Dad...

We went to the office, just me and my Dad.

I could hardly sleep the night before, but I woke up early and ate my breakfast really quickly so that we could drive Daddy's fast silver car to the office in time for a big meeting!  I sat quietly during the meeting, except when it was time to pray, because I got to pray that lots of people would hear about Jesus and have strong families.

I like Daddy's desk because instead of an office chair, he just stands up and he let me sit on a tall tall stool. I worked on important coloring and mazes while Daddy worked on his computer, but first we ate cookies!

Daddy made a fun game with post-it notes and a cool map. I read the name of the country on the note and then I put it on the map. I got them all right except for Denmark (it's a tricky one!). Dad said he didn't get much work done because he was having too much fun hanging out with me, I had so much fun with him too.

But we didn't just play... Daddy taught me how to make photocopies and I was a good helper. I pushed the button and a nice warm sheet of paper came out on the other side. And guess what? If I pushed the button a whole bunch of times, a whole bunch of paper came out! Dad said we better stick to just pushing the button one time and then put our hands in our pockets. Good idea Dad.

The best treat of all was when we went to the mail room and then we went to visit Mr. Mark and the other guys who take care of the FamilyLife building and we saw that they have a special bear working with them. He's my favorite bear of all and his name is Boz!

I met lots of nice people and I can't wait to go back to work with my Dad again. When we got back home I told Mommy all about the work I did and then I took a really long nap. That night Daddy asked me what the favorite part of my day was, I told him "just being with you Dad."

Stay tuned for some pictures of the special trip I took to the Wonderplace, Just me and my Mom.


Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

What a priceless day! What a priceless gift! These are the moments that are forever in your hearts and minds when they are not little anymore. So glad that you seize the opportunities for times like these.
We love you all so much.

Anonymous said...

Isn’t Fun Having Kids!!!
Grandpa H

Gelatt Family Life said...

That's awesome!

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