Just me and my Mom...

Remember how I went to work with my Daddy? Well, I also got to go on a super-fun date with the Pretty Lady... that's what me and Dad call Mommy, because she's so pretty.

Mommy took me to one of my favorite places in the whole-wide-world and it's just down the road. It's called the Wonder Place in Little Rock.  Sometimes Mom says I need to practice self-control with my hands and put 'em in my pockets, but at the Wonder Place we can put our hands on everything!

My favorites were the water table, the cafe, and the air tunnels. When we got home and I was telling Dad about the air tunnels I was giggling so much that I snorted =).  We had so much fun!  We didn't get very many pictures because we were too busy PLAYING! I like it that way and I think Mom does too.

I love my mommy because she always plays with me and she loves to snuggle.

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