Friday Night at the Movies... (Critics Wanted + Door Prize!)

"If you could only see the beauty that can come from ashes..."

That is one of my favorite lines from an incredible short film featuring Nick Vujicic & Eduardo Verástegui titled "The Butterfly Circus."

This film is absolutely beautiful. Grab a tissue (actually, better the whole box) and press play...

If the clip doesn't load, you can click here to view it

Now it's your turn to be the film critic... Let's hear your answers to 2 quick Questions in the comments:

  1. Without using the typical rating systems (Thumbs Up/Down), how would you rate this film?
  2. Is there one person in your life who can't see "the beauty in the ashes"? If so, what is one thing you'll do about it this week?

Here's the Door Prize
One random commenter will WIN a DVD of another one of Eduardo's films called "Bella." It's a powerful and highly acclaimed feature-length film. You can view the "Bella" trailer here.

Finally, Nick Vujicic is part of an exciting ministry and you can watch more about his life story here:

If the clip doesn't load, you can click here to view it

HT: my friend and co-worker John Majors at One Man Trying

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The Alsops said...

I would rate this a 10 out of 5!
I actually wish that it was a full length feature film.

Yes I will be encouraging my daughter to see herself as a child of the King!

Thanks for the encouragement and the post.

Dizneluver said...

I already own BELLA so you dont have to pick me for the contest :)

Thanks for posting both these videos.

It was a good dose of God's reality for my life!

Thanks again

Kelly DeBardelabeb

Dizneluver said...

just an FYI i just posted this blog entry on Facebook and Twitter :)

The Davidson Den said...

Hi! Got here through Julie Majors. Just wanted to comment that I watched "The Butterfly Circus" about a month or so ago, and I LOVED it!! I happen to BE one of those people who can't see the beauty in the ashes. I tend to focus on the YUCK of who I am instead of focusing on how God sees me (covered and washed clean in the blood of Christ). This film really touched me. And thanks for posting the CBN interview as well. What an amazing story!!

Ross and Taya said...

Thanks for your comments everyone. Jacqueline from Facebook was the random winner of the "Bella" DVD. Visit the blog again to keep up with our life and travels and for a chance to win another doorprize. Thanks again,

ross and taya

Anonymous said...

wow guys, you're killing me over here with these emotional videos! but what an amazing story! both of them actually! the butterfly circus and Nick's story-both touching. I should have listened to ya on the kleenex thing!! Thanks for sharing though. Awesome! love, Brandi

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