When we meet...

"I would rather feel compassion than know the meaning of it." -Thomas Aquinas

I'm curious...

Do you sponsor a child?  Do you write to them?

If you've ever wondered what difference your sponsorship makes or if your letters mean anything, this video may change everything for you.

*If you don't have a box of kleenex nearby, you better have some in hand by the 5 minute mark.*

Ater watching this, I was literally in a puddle of tears at my desk.

I'm praying right now that someday God will give our family the opportunity to meet Janet and Christine in Kenya (two girls who are very special to our family).  And until that day, I'm praying that He will keep us faithful in supporting them- not just with a check each month, but with our prayers, our love, and the time and effort it takes to sit down and hand-write a letter.

Janet and Christine are believers. They've placed their trust in Jesus and they're certain that He has a plan for them in this life and that they will spend eternity with Him.  We're followers of Jesus too, so for us, it's not "if" we meet. It's "when" we meet. 

I had the incredible opportunity to attend a Catalyst conference earlier this year. The experience is phenomenal and the people that produce the events are amazing, but I think the thing I admire the most about them is the way they speak up for those without a voice. I want to do the same.

If you don't currently sponsor a child- here are three great places to start:
  • Compassion International - Compassion has a huge global reach, holistic care, and solid track record of helping those in need. The work they do matches their name.
  • Childcare Worldwide - I did an internship with these guys in college and was impressed with how they would turn down the heat inside the office during the winter and bundle up in ski jackets so that they could save money to care for more children
  • Mount of Olives Children's Village - Our family and friends are heavily involved with caring for orphans in northern Mexico. It's quite a grassroots effort, but we've seen the work with our own eyes and it truly is an expression of God's beautiful love in the midst of dirt and depravity.

If you've struggled with writing a letter to your sponsored child, here are a few ideas:
  • Start with a postcard. Your child will love seeing photos of the area you live in, and you can ease into writing with just a few lines on the back of the card.
  • Split your writing paper in half and let each member of your family take a turn writing about your life, your interests, the books you're reading, etc. and be sure comment on what you've heard about your sponsored child.
  • Jot down your prayers. If you talk to God about the needs and hopes of your sponsored child, why don't you just write out what you've been praying?

Please share your ideas and your sponsorship experience in the comments!

p.s. Orphan Sunday is coming soon.  On November 8th hundreds of churches around the world will be speaking up on behalf of the orphan.  There will also be a free live webstream concert featuring Stephen Curtis Chapman, Jim Daly, Dennis Rainey and others.  Will you be joining us?


Ross and Taya said...


If you watched the video, you heard the emcee mention that there were 1200 kids waiting to be sponsored. I just heard that every single one of them was sponsored at that event.

John C. Majors said...

great video. The emcee about ruined the whole deal though. What a beautiful moment when Jimmy wept in Marks arms. It was a Holy moment. Good reminder to be quiet in moments like those.

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