All the world loves a parade...

Last week we got to enjoy our very first Lynden in Lights Christmas parade as a family. We nearly froze our poffertjes off, but we had so much fun.  We all gathered in front of Dutch Mothers Restaurant and sipped hot chocolate while watching the festive floats.  Isaiah had never even been to a parade before, so the whole night was pretty special for him... but it got even better, because not only did he get to watch the parade, but he actually got to be in the very last float (the entry, driven by Papa)!



glen and shawn said...

Ross - missed getting to say GOODBYE to ya'll before you left. Will keep following your blog to see how the Lord is working as you head to DOWN UNDER LAND. God bless you and may you see may folks come to know Christ in Austrailia!!

Glen and Shawn Solberg

Dave and Debbie Black said...

That was a night to remember! We loved that we could all be together for this special evening.
Love you to the moon and all the twinkling stars!
Mom and Dad (Nana and Papa)

John and Janel Breitenstein said...

GREAT PHOTOS! My kids would have loved seeing the lighted rig, but loved seeing your boys more. ;)

The Kingsborough Queen said...

what a great memory that glad we got to share it with you all. awww...the kids and papa's big moment of fame! it was perfect!

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