Unpacking an adventure...

After about 2 weeks of very minimal internet access (plus even less time to spend online if we would have had a connection), the bloggers are back!
If there was any picture that could sum up the way we feel after the last several weeks of
drama with the house (by the way- it still hasn't sold),
driving across the country,
unloading into mini-storage,
being reunited with family and friends,
and learning to live out of a suitcase from November-February...

it's probably this one:

Although we're feeling tired and maybe even a little overwhelmed at times, it really is great to be back in the Lynden area.  And now that we're here, we'd love to see your smiling face! This Sunday (Dec. 6th) evening we'll be sharing about our ministry with FamilyLife and our upcoming move to Australia. If you didn't get a postcard in the mail, see the details below:

We'd love to see you there! We hope to see you here too... now that we're back online and crawling out from an avalanche of emails and correspondence, we're excited to start back up with consistent blogging, facebook and tweeting.

Now let's hear from you:
  1. How many email are currently in your main inbox?
  2. What is your best advice for getting caught up with email and facebook when you've been away for a long time?
Thanks again for your advice, your patience and your prayers.  We're praying that God would do some excellent things around us in this time of transition from Little Rock to Lynden to Melbourne.  Aristophanes summed it up well: "Why, I'd like nothing better than to achieve some bold adventure, worthy of our trip."


Amy Letinsky said...

Would love to attend, but we won't be in town. But we're looking forward to seeing you guys sometime while you're here.

Julie said...

Good to hear from y'all! I'm sorry your house hasn't sold - that is a sickening feeling. We've felt it, too. Yuck. I will never move out of a house again until it closes - that is, of course, if we ever own another house.

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