Whatever you've done, it's probably not enough...

Last night we went to church at Mars Hill in Ballard. Pastor Mark Driscoll had been in Haiti earlier in the week and gave an overview of what he had seen and heard... the whole thing was heart-wrenching. Honestly, it felt more like a funeral than a church service; full of sadness, tears, worship, and hope.  Here's a video that was played at the close of the service:

The night before going to church, I watched some of the Hope for Haiti telethon that was airing on nearly every television channel. I'd already seen plenty of news stories and articles, and honestly, I had grown a little numb to the whole thing. When I heard that over $50million had been given to help Haiti I thought to myself "that should be enough." But after hearing the message and seeing the first-hand images, I was convinced once again that whatever I had done so far for Haiti, it probably wasn't enough. In fact, it probably just scratched the surface. 

We're so glad we went and so glad we had the opportunity to learn more about how Mark Driscoll & Mars Hill have tag-teamed with James McDonald & Harvest Bible Church to develop, a non-profit, boots-on-the-ground outreach that will allow churches in America to help churches in Haiti.

As Pastor Mark said: where would you turn for help if you found out your whole family was dead and your house had collapsed? You'd turn to the church! But what if you arrived at the church only to realize that it was a pile of rubble and the Pastor and the whole congregation were in the same situation as you...  When I thought about it, that's exactly what I would do, and I can see how the loss and the grief would quickly turn to despair and hopelessness.

If you aren't satisfied with your $10 text message donation, visit to find out how you can take part in rebuilding walls and restoring hope in Port-au-Prince by helping the churches in Port-au-Prince (the whole concept sounds quite biblical!). Who knows, maybe you were one of the ones the prophet had in mind when he said: "Some of you will rebuild the deserted ruins of your cities. Then you will be known as a rebuilder of walls and a restorer of homes." -Isaiah 58:12

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