I'm done with my Resolution (and just beginning)...

I'm happy to say I finished my 30+30 New-Year's Resolution yesterday (Run 30 miles & Read through the New Testament of the Bible in the first 30 days of the New Year). It was an excellent experience.  Now that the resolution is complete, I thought I'd gather the 30 or so Tweets that I shared along the way and post them here, along with mind-dump of a few insights I gleaned along the way:
  • I think I need to get a new Bible. I've underlined & highlighted mine so much, that I often found my eyes focusing just on what was underlined and possibly missing other gems in the text. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • Running 1 mile a day is not too hard of a challenge. Even when you get behind, it's really not that big of a deal to make up a mile or two. Looking back on things, I wish I would have set a heavier fitness goal.
  • It's possible to gain weight while consistently exercising for a month. I did. I should have been more diligent with my diet & portion control.
  • If I were asked to highlight the themes that stood out to me the most in my reading, it would look something like this: I want to know God's love, not just by reading about it, but by experiencing it and acting on it. I want my actions to demonstrate a life of faith, that looks more like Jesus and less like a self-centered American. Although I'm naturally selfish and prideful, because of Jesus' great love for me, I want to serve others a lot more, with an attitude of humility.  I want to have a love for other believers and a love for the lost. I want my words to match my actions and my actions to speak even louder than words. 

    In fact, that's my resolution for the rest of the year: to be a man of action. Instead of talking about prayer- I want to pray. Instead of talking about serving, giving, going, worshiping, witnessing, surrendering, living radically... I want to do those things.

    I'll take Nike's slogan as my motto this year- Just do it!
Again, not that everyone wants to read my New Testament/Treadmill tweets (it would be way more profitable for you to actually read the New Testament or hop on the treadmill), but as a way of documenting it all in one place, here's my Resolution-specific Twitter-stream (in reverse order):
  • New Years resolution is off to a great start. Reading the New Testament & running 30 miles in January. Favorite verse today= Mk. 5:19 #30+30
  • Ran the windiest mile ever today & just finished the book of Mark. Fav. verse=11:24 "I do believe, now help me overcome my unbelief!" #30+30
  • No run this morning, but I have been reading Luke. Most challenging verse=Lk.5:16 "Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed." #30+30
  • Got 2 miles today & read Luke. Fave=7:13 "When the Lord saw her, his heart went out to her & he said, "Don't cry." King of compassion #30+30
  • Too busy to run today. I'll need to double up tomorrow. I read Luke though! Fave=10:11 "Be sure of this: The kingdom of God is near." #30+30
  • Want to be discussed in heaven? "Whoever acknowledges me (Jesus) before men, I'll also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven."Matt10:32
  • Just got 2 miles on the treadmill while watching Sportscenter & listening to a Francis Chan message. Who says men can't multitask?#30+30 #fb
  • Reading from book of Luke today. Favorite verse=19:10 "The Son of Man came to seek & save what was lost." Even me. Thank you Jesus. #30+30
  • Favorite verse today was John 4:50 "The man took Jesus at his word..." I've got to do the same today. #30+30 ( I'll run later)
  • Love this! "We no longer believe just b/c of what u said; now we've heard for rselves & we know that this man really is the Savior." Jn.4:42
  • Got 2miles on the treadmill this morning & read from John. Fave=12:32 when I (Jesus) am lifted up... I will draw all people to myself.#30+30
  • These are written so that u may believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, & that by believing you may have life. Jn20:31#30+30 I'm alive!
  • About to hop on treadmill. Read from Acts this am. Fave=4:29 "Now Lord... enable your servants to speak your word w/ great boldness." #30+30
  • Wonder if Acts8:20 has is ever been taught on TBN: May your $$ perish w/ you because you thought you could buy the gift of God w/ $$! #30+30
  • Paul the Apostle would never make it on the modern-day motivational speaking circuit (see Acts 27:21-26). #30+30
  • Got 3 miles on the treadmill yestereday + 2 more this morning. Also just finished Acts so I'm caught up on my resolution. Fave=28:31 #30+30
  • Got 2 more miles on the treadmill this morning & read from Romans 1-8. Fave=4:18-21 "Against all hope, Abraham in hope believed..." #30+30
  • 1 quick mile this morning & read Romans 9-16. Such gr8 verses, but fave=12:21 "Don't be overcome by evil, but overcome evil w/ good." #30+30
  • 2 more miles this morning + 1 Corinthians. Most challenging verse=4:16 "I urge you to imitate me." Would I want others to imitate me? #30+30
  • "The kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power." 1Cor.4:20 In other words, hold the press conference after you've won the game.
  • Got one more mile today & read 1 Corinthians 10-16. Fave=16:54 "Death has been swallowed up in victory." Such a powerful&poetic verse #30+30
  • A great mission statement & prayer: Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love.1Cor16:13
  • A few days on the road threw off my reading/running schedule, but now I'm catching up to finish 30 miles & reading the NT in 30 days. #30+30
  • Convicting words for a people-pleaser like me: "If pleasing people were my goal, I would not be Christ's servant." Gal.1:10 #30+30
  • Eph3:16-19 Interesting recipe of: faith+love+power+community+knowledge+understanding... all weave together to help us experience God. #30+30
  • Got 2 slooooow miles on the treadmill while listening to E-Pop & ExNihilo on the @MarsHill iPhone app, & watching the #iPad news.#30+30
  • Turning off tv~tuning in scripture. Fave verse tonight=Phill.3:7 Whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ.#30+30
  • Plan 2 run 2 miles this pm. Reading Colossians now. Fave=4:5-6 Be wise in the way u act toward outsiders; make the most of every opp. #30+30
  • Paul to Thessalonian crew: "Your faith in God has become known EVERYWHERE." In contrast, do your NEIGHBORS even know what you believe?#30+30
  • "I was shown mercy b/c I acted in ignorance & unbelief." 1Tim.1:13 We ought to offer the same to the skeptics & seekers we meet. #30+30
  • Got 2 miles & lifted a bit, then read James-2Peter. Fave=Do not merely listen to the word...Do what it says.Jas1:22 Hear+Act=Blessing #30+30
  • If you're a christian, how do you think 1Peter 3:17 applies to the way you speak about President Obama? "...fear God, honor the king."#30+30
  • "To him who is able to keep you from falling..."Jude24 God doesn't kick you when you're down. He lifts you up & can keep you there. #30+30
  • Got my final 3 miles of the #30+30 resolution this morning. Now reading the book of Revelation. Lots of "quotation marks" & "kind of like's"
  • I forgot that Rev3:20 "Here I am! I stand @ the door & knock" is written to lukewarm believers, not pagans. It's an offer for revival.#30+30
  • Just finished reading Revelation and the #30+30 resolution is complete w/ 20 minutes to spare =). Fave=21:5 "I am making everything new!"
So, how have you fared with your New-Year's Resolutions? 

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Ross and Taya said...

you're amazing babe. i'm so proud of you! =)

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