Project Life Tuesday // February 15-21

February 15: Tonight we celebrated our first ever "Black-Likkel-Bowling-Bonanza -Five-Pin-Frenzy-Alley-Awesomeness" which is a long way of saying we took the kids 5-pin bowling in Canada. This was Isaiah's first time bowling and it was Ryan, Traci & the boys first time 5-pin bowling so we put the bumpers up & had lots of laughs to soften our looooooooow scores.

 February 16: Today we finally signed papers on the sale of our house. We've been praying that God would allow us to serve in Australia completely unhindered by anything that would hold us back here and this seems like a huge answer to that prayer.

February 17: The leaders of the AWANA program at Grace Baptist Fellowship in Lynden asked Ross if he would do an outreach event for parents in the community. He called the event Harmony@Home, which seems like something that millions of families are longing for. It ended up being a small group, but it was a great opportunity for Ross to challenge them to combat conflict & arguments at home by setting a tone of forgiveness & offering a blessing instead of an insult.

 February 18: Since we had been speaking at a church on Sunday and we had several other ministry opportunities throughout the week, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day after most of our big events were behind us. We were given a free hotel room on Whidbey Island & our family took care of the boys so we were able to get away for 24 hours together. We walked on the beach, ate excellent clam chowder, slept in, & just enjoyed walking hand-in-hand. A perfect Valentine's Day.

February 19: "He's so tall!" That's the first thing people say when they see Isaiah. And it's true. Compared to other kids his age, he's in the 98th percentile for height! It's no wonder his pants are continually too short. =)

February 20: Tonight we got to watch a performance of "Aida" at Lynden Christian High School. It was so much fun to see my sister, Taryn, singing & dancing & loving her moment in the spotlight. She did a such a great job. We're really impressed by her dedication throughout the months of practicing & performing.

February 21: These little boys... are they not the cutest? We think so! They melt our hearts daily.

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Rene Sharp said...

Your photos are simply gorgeous this week. Love the one of you and hubby on the beach. Did you take it yourself??

Ross and Taya said...

thanks rene'! yes, we set the timer on the camera & took it ourselves. so thankful to have a few that turned out. =)

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