Project Life Tuesday // January 25-31

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January 25: ...and this is why they invented Kleenex. His poor face, nose & lips were incredibly chapped. We felt terrible for him.

January 26: Praising God for a solid offer on our house in Little Rock. We've been praying that we can serve in Australia unhindered by anything that would distract us. This looks like a big answer to our prayers.

January 27: This is how we get their energy out before bed =). We call them snarfles & hagglebagels & the kids love them!

January 28: Love these lashes...

January 29: One of the most treasured gifts Ross has given me. A simple reminder of the three people I love the most.

January 30: A perfect day playing with Papa & his big red truck.

January 31: Our hearts have been broken by the devastation following the earthquake in Haiti. While we were waiting to purchase this food at Costco, Ross did the math and figured out that if each person who was standing in line at that one moment just bought a bag of beans & rice, it would feed 200,000 people. Whatever we've done, we know it's not been enough... 

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The McBs said...

Amazing pics! Thanks for sharing your life with us and what God is doing in and through you guys! Praying for you all in the next few weeks...

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