Project Life Tuesday // February 22-28

I can't believe it's been 9 weeks since I started Becky Higgins "Project Life," and it's so fun that there are people all around the world who are doing the project too! Be sure to check out Jessica Turner's blog for more Project Life Tuesday examples... and you can always click here to see our past Project Life/Week-in-photos posts.

February 22: It was almost nap time when the next-door neighbors started bringing in tree-removal equipment. What excitement! So instead of sleeping, Isaiah spent his time watching the loggers fall a few of the tall trees & remove them.

February 23:  Oooops... somehow in the chaos of moving we lost the keys to our own storage unit! In the years that we owned the mini-storage, Ross had to help many embarrassed customers with missing keys, but this episode had Ross blushing for days.

February 24: Isaiah started his first sport this week... Tae Kwon Do! We thought it would be a good activity for him because he'll learn to follow instruction, improve his balance & flexibility, & help him get a little extra energy out!!! =) 

February 25:  Ross has been meeting a few times a week with a couple of guys who are interested in finding out more about the Christian faith. They have gone through a 3-session study called LifeReady/Explore & they've been discussing questions like "Who is God?" "Is He trustworthy?" & "If Jesus is who He says He is, what does it mean to me?" We're praying that these guys will trust God for their salvation & that someday they would share their faith with others. 

February 26:  I love the special bond these two share. From the day Elijah was born Ross has been calling him "the little buddy" & they really are best-buddies.

February 27:  Isaiah & Grandpa enjoying something they both love: WaFfLeS!

February 28: The week started with a big excavator working next door & it ended with Isaiah having the opportunity to play right in the middle of a real job-site! Our friends are building a house out in the country & they invited our family out for a groundbreaking party. We had a fun hot-dog roast & Isaiah loved playing with the dirt & lumber.

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Bill Eyster said...

Thanks for giving a glimpse of your life. It made me miss you more. Glad you guys are doing well.

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