Project Life Tuesday // March 1-7

March 1: Wake up sleepy head! ...from the day he was born this kid has had crazy hair.

March 2: Elijah is like a little monkey, he climbs onto anything & everything he can. He keeps us on our toes!

March 3: Ross recently started doing P90x (a series of tough workout DVD's). Not only does he need to keep up with the trainer on the DVD, but he's added a variety of toy obstacles & a toddler just to make things interesting. =) It is so cute to watch Elijah working out just like Daddy.

March 4: Today was Grandma-Great-Likkel's birthday, so we decided to bring a surprise birthday party to her house. We're so thankful that we were given this time to celebrate with her this year.

March 5: In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday this week, our local library celebrated by reading Dr. Seuss books & even had the Cat in the Hat as a special guest. "He's real!" was the first thing Isaiah said when he saw the Cat in the Hat, & he couldn't stop staring at him throughout story time. I love that I didn't even have to ask him to smile for this picture.

March 6: We wanted to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather, so we hopped in the van with Ross' parents & went to Birch Bay to catch an incredible sunset.

March 7: We had such a nice time at the ocean yesterday that we just had to go again! This time we went for a walk along Boulevard Park in Bellingham. The kids got to play in a fun park, we enjoyed burgers, fries, & milkshakes at Win's Drive-In, & once again we had front-row seats for an amazing sunset.


Karina said...

Great pictures!!!

Your boy is sooo cute!

Rene Sharp said...

Your photos are so happy & fun this week!! Love the hair photo and the one of your hubby working out in the toy strewn lounge made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing, and hope the week ahead is another good one for you. Smiles

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