Project Life Tuesday // March 15-22

We're 81 days into the new year & it's been so fun to capture one photo & memory each day! Here's the latest edition of Project Life Tuesday...
March 15: Isaiah's newest fascination is the way the water forms a funnel when we drain the bathtub. It's so cute to observe the things he finds absolutely fascinating.

March 16: We're still waiting on our Religious Workers Visas so we can move to Australia & begin working with FamilyLife Australia. We had originally hoped to move to Melbourne sometime in January, we're now 11 weeks past that, and it could be another 8-12 weeks before we have permission to move there.  

We've been really challenged with Philippians 2:13-14, that we would do all things without grumbling or complaining... which includes waiting. We really believe that God will move us in His perfect time.  And in the meantime, just because we don't live in Australia yet, doesn't mean we can't eat like it! We scored these cookies the other day at a grocery store in Canada. We're keeping the dream alive, one cookie at a time!

March 17: Isaiah's friend Lane came over to play today. These boys had such a blast. It was so much fun to watch them have fun & enjoy each others friendship.
March 18: After years of working from an office, Ross has set up shop at the dining-room table while we live in limbo. He had fun today trying to help Isaiah build a loader out of Lego's while trying to do a little online evangelism.  Ross wouldn't trade this time with the kids for anything.
March 19: One of the best toys the boys received for Christmas was this little electric bug-catterpiller-thingy. It has given them hours of enjoyment as it buzzes across the floors. We love watching the expression on their faces as they get down on the floor & chase it around.
March 20: What a great way to spend the first day of Spring... at the city park!
March 21: About one Sunday a month, Taya's extended family gather's at Grandma Honcoop's house for "Honcoop Sunday," where we enjoy a wonderful meal & have time to catch up with everyone. Isaiah loves his "Grandma-Great-Honcoop" and we're so happy to get these moments with the family. Family is a gift that we'll never take for granted.

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one blessed mama said...

oh my word. i found YOUR site as #52 on Jessica Turners blog! how cool is that?? love your pics. love you. :)

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