Project Life Tuesday // March 8-14

It's time for another round of Project Life Tuesday!
March 8: It has been so much fun to watch Isaiah enjoying Taekwondo. He is really putting in a good effort & we're proud of his hard work.

March 9: Enjoying the first sights of spring. Spring in Washington should be cold & dreary, instead we've had plenty of warm weather & sunny days. We'll take it!

March 10: I love it when Isaiah makes this face. He does it whenever he is concentrating. We see it when he's playing lego's, doing Taekwondo and even making cookies! =)

March 11: I finally broke down & ate my very first  Girl Scout Cookie!  And they were as good as everyone said they would be. =)

March 12: Elijah woke up at 7:00am & by 8:45am he was sound asleep in Daddy's arms. Apparently 12 hours of sleep wasn't enough!

March 13: Ross makes the very best egg scramble. Most Saturday mornings we have a little tradition of pancakes & Ross' Saturday Morning Scramble. Here's the recipe:
  • Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a frying pan on Medium-High
  • Add 2 cups of frozen hash-brown potatoes & cover for 6-8 minutes
  • Dice 1/8 cup Red Onion, 1/8 cup Green Pepper, & 1/4 cup Ham
  • Flip hash-browns & cook 3-4 minutes longer, then add above ingredients & let 'em sizzle for a few minutes
  • Add 6-8 eggs & scramble the whole mixture together (remove from heat frequently so the eggs don't burn)
  • Add salt & pepper to taste, then sprinkle with Cheddar cheese & put the lid back on the pan so it all melts together. Serve & enjoy!

March 14: We were invited to share about life as a missionary with the kids at Grace Baptist. Each week the kids are learning about different countries & about the missionaries from Grace who are serving in them. It was our joy to share about the work we hope to do in Australia, & we loved the wonder & enthusiasm of the kids.

That concludes another week of Project Life... I'm really loving this project! You can view recent editions of our "Project Life Tuesday" by clicking here, or click on the "Project Life Tuesday" button to see Project Life examples from Jessica Turner & other people all around the world!


Rene Sharp said...

Hi Taya! Your photos are just gorgeous again this week!! Hard for me to choose a favourite. Love the look of concentration on Isiah's face, your hubby's breakfast looks delish. Will have to show it to my hubby. Ha, ha. Hope you have a great week further!

Emily said...

I love it, Taya! I really need to start doing this. =)

Ross and Taya said...

thanks rene'=)

yes, you do emily. you would LOVE it! especially with your big move coming up. it's so easy to keep up with. it's the first scrapbooking project that i'm REALLY enjoying. =)

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