Something to chew on... (an update on our Visas)

Many people see us in town & look a little surprised that we're still here. I'd say we get asked some variation of the question "Any word on your Visa's yet?" at least 5 times a day.

We're thankful that so many people are excited about what we're doing and are praying for us. Here's the latest update:

There's basically no news to report. 

Sorry for the letdown. We did get a call from the Embassy last week saying we needed to order an FBI background check, which we've done. Other than that, we've just got to wait patiently for the sponsorship through the Australian Immigration Authority, and the Workers Visa through the Embassy.

We had originally anticipated moving to Melbourne sometime in January, we're now 11 weeks past that, and it could be another 8-12 weeks before we have permission to move there.

We were just reading a familiar verse that we wanted to share with you:
"For it is God
who works in you,
both to will
and to work for

Do all things
without grumbling or complaining."
-Phillipians 2:13-14
Doing all things without grumbling includes waiting. We have got to be able to wait patiently... without grumbling, whining, complaining, questioning, doubting, pouting, or trying to force things to happen on our own.

As we talked about this today, we really believed that this is something we can actually praise God for.  We can take heart and be encouraged, because we know that it is God who is doing a work in us according to His plan and pleasure, and we're pretty sure it's going to be awesome. And we'll be sure to let you know when He completes this work.

By the way, just because we don't live in Australia yet, doesn't mean we can't eat like it! We scored these cookies the other day at a grocery store in Canada. We're keeping the dream alive, one cookie at a time!

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