7 Miles... (Did Jesus really die?)

Today is Good Friday, and while maybe less than half the world (the current world population is somewhere around 6.7 BILLION people) will stop for a few minutes at some point today to consider the fact that Jesus suffered a brutal beating & death as a punishment for sins that He didn't commit, maybe a little more than half the world will carry on having never heard this fact, not knowing what difference it makes, or even worse... thinking that somehow Jesus pulled a Houdini act & escaped; making him an incredible con-artist, but a horrible Savior.

They think this man, whom they would call a good teacher & moral person, eventually pulled off the biggest hoax the planet has ever seen & tricked his closest friends into believing a lie & eventually giving up their own lives because they would not recant their faith in a Jesus who died on the cross as the punishment for our sins & rose again to conquer death & offer us new, abundant & eternal life.

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"Upon a life I did not live... upon a death I did not die...
anothers life, anothers death, I stake my whole eternity."

-Horatius Bonar

It's Good Friday... do you think Jesus really died?

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