Project Life // April 5-11

Woohoo... It's Project Life Tuesday!
April 5: Ross was needing a pair of casual shoes & he thought it would be fun if he helped his nieces (Brielle & Taya) get some too.  They bought TOMS Shoes, which are really cool because for every pair of shoes you buy, TOMS gives a pair to someone in need - one for one.

April 6: Sewing on the second-to-last patch of Isaiah's Cubbie vest. We started the AWANA year in Little Rock & we weren't sure if he'd be able to finish while we were in the process of moving... that's why it has been such a blessing for him to be able to finish the year of Cubbies at Grace Baptist. He loves his teachers & his friends there, & we love that he's learning to treasure God's word in his heart.

April 7: It was Spring Break for Taryn this week, & when we woke up, we realized that one of her friends had TP'd the front of the house. Then it rained... making her job of cleaning up the mess even harder. We all got a good laugh out of it, but I thought the prankster didn't do quite a good enough job, so while Taryn was gone, I add a little extra decoration to her bedroom!
April 8: Although we're still waiting on our Visas to be able to move to Australia, today we did receive other Visas in the mail.  We'll have to fill you in on the details later, but we are very excited that we'll be soon be traveling on a short-term trip to a "Big Asian Country" & another communist country to bring extremely good news (the best news in the world!).

April 9: Isaiah LOVES "the boys" (Sam, Max, & Jack). Since it's Spring Break & they're out of school, I really wanted to take the boys out for some fun. We ended up at JumpZone where they played & bounced & jumped & got all their energy out. Cousins really are the best kind of fun.

April 10: This is the first bouquet of flowers Isaiah has picked for me on his own (without any prompting from Ross). I love it that when he saw these dandelions, he thought of me... 
April 11: This was one of the first barbecues of the season for us. My Dad (Gary) got the fire pit going with Mesquite wood chips, carefully prepared a special blend of seasonings for the steaks, & cooked them to perfection! Even better than the dinner was getting to visit with Britt & Shana, and Brandon & Greta.


Amy said...

I have a Cubby also. His daddy does the sewing of the patches though!

one blessed mama said...

i loved this post!! thanks again for spending a whole afternoon, loving on my boys. they will remember this always. bless you for giving me an afternoon 'off' in the middle of a crazy spring break. you're the best!!!
happy memory making. you're doing great!!

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