Project Life Tuesday // April 19 thru 25

April 19: Isaiah & Aunty Taryn enjoying a fun moment together.

April 20: Thanks to the flu bug that hit our entire family, this has been our diet for the last few days. Fun times! =(
April 21: Ross has been wanting to go to the Catalyst conference for years... today his dream came true. We were able to leave the kids with our parents & fly down to Southern California for an incredible time together & an absolutely amazing conference experience.
April 22: Catalyst brought over 3400 Church & Christian Ministry leaders together for two days of dynamic teaching, leadership lessons and times of passionate praise & worship. We were among literally thousands of people who are spending their lives to show the love of Jesus to others.

April 23: One of our highlights from Catalyst was an evening of worship with Chris Tomlin & Louie Giglio. Chris led us in singing praise songs to Jesus at the top of our lungs, and Louie gave a hope-filled & inspiring message that we were still talking about days later. However, the thing that stood out to us most of all was the way Louie led us in worship. Chris was the "worship leader" but Louie was the one who led us in worshiping God.

April 24: Coming home. Always such a sweet reunion....

April 25: Ross & Isaiah have moved on to reading chapter books.  They started with the Little House in the Big Woods & are now almost done with Farmer Boy. Isaiah loves the stories & Ross says he's actually learning a lot about being a good Dad. I love that they both enjoy it so much.


The Mulder Family said...

Hope that you enjoyed your little get-a-way those are always nice & hope everyone is over the nasty fun!! Have a great time with those boys of yours...they are too cute!!

Julie said...

-Bummer about the visa denial!
-Glad you got to get away as a couple for Catalyst.
-Have you heard of coconut water for rehydration? It naturally provides electrolytes without the high fructose corn syrup in other "hydrating" drinks. My kroger sells it in the "healthy" section but you can also find it at health food stores. I keep some in my pantry at all times. It's a bit pricier than gatorade, (about $1.25 for 12 oz) but worth it in my mind. Then again, I'm a freak. :)

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