Project Life Tuesday (er, um Sunday... or Monday) // April 12 thru 18

I guess it was bound to happen sometime over the course of this 365-day journey... we had a series of sickness & setbacks that hindered us from posting our Project Life Tuesday. Oh well, here it is now!

April 12: Ross has fond memories of playing with these balsa-wood airplanes as a little boy. When he saw one in a store the other day he just had to get it for "the boys" to play with. Isaiah loved it, but I think Ross may have loved it even more. =)

 April 13: A peek inside my purse on any given day.

April 14: Elijah LOVES apples. We have to watch him closely because when we give him an apple he'll eat it right down to the core!

April 15: Grandpa Likkel's favorite coffee cup & Grandma Likkel's Dutch peppermints - a sweet childhood memory.

April 16: On Friday mornings the local library does an excellent story & craft time for kids. The stories are read with gusto & the crafts usually reflect the books that are read. This is definitely one of the highlights of the week for Isaiah, and we love tagging along too.

April 17: After a day at the library, Isaiah spreads out all the books & spends hours looking at them. We love it that he LOVES books so much.

April 18: Even though we've lived nearby most of our lives, this was the very first time we've ever visited the incredible Tulip fields of the Skagit Valley Tulip festival. Wandering through acres of beautiful flowers was surreal. The boys had fun playing in the dirt, smelling the flowers, & looking for cool sticks & treasures in the midst of the Tulip fields.

Thanks for checking out our better-late-than-never edition of Project Life Tuesday. You can see other examples by clicking the Project Life Tuesday button below:

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