Project Life Tuesday // March 29-April 4

Here we go with another round of Project Life Tuesday, a scrapbooking project I'm doing with people all around the world featuring one photo a day for a year. It's been such a fun project & a great way to capture "a day in the life" on a consistent basis. Click here for an archive of our past weeks, or click the button above to see how other people are doing their project. Enjoy!

March 29: A sweet surprise! Ross' sister is expecting & we're so excited!

March 30: Elijah is 18 months old today.  He is...
  • Weight: 26 lbs (50th percentile) - Height: 33 1/2 in. (75th percentile)
  • We call him "The Little Buddy" & "Our Little Monkey," because he tries to climb up & over pretty much anything.
  • He loves slides & seems pretty fearless... which explains why he sports a new bruise weekly, especially on his forehead!
  • When people see him, the first thing they comment on are his eyes.
  • Sleeps 12 hours at night & takes 1 good afternoon nap.
  • He still struggles with separation anxiety & wants nothing to do with church nursery.
  • He likes most things, but he doesn't seem to enjoy big groups of people or his hands being dirty.
  • Favorite foods: "kah-caw" (cracker), "ah-pah" (apple), & "puh puh" (puffs)
  • He prefers eating with a fork, if we help him a little.
  • Love, love, loves bath time, & I have to hold him back from climbing in fully clothed while I'm getting the tub ready.
  • Favorite book: "In My Tree" by Sarah Gillingham - makes him laugh every time =)
  • Favorite song: "If You're Happy & You Know It"  he loves to clap his hands and shout "Amen!"  
  • Favorite sayings: "I love!" "Hi Dah (Dad)!" "uh, wuh, nuh, (his version of counting 1,2,3) GO!" And he likes to point & say "What dat?"
  • We're surprised at how big his vocabulary is getting. If we say, "Elijah, can you say....." he will attempt to say it... except for "Elijah, can you say cow?" His reply is always "Moo!" He loves to point and say, "a cow!" "a car! "a dog!" "a baby!" etc.  Other words he can say: "hot", "ah-nah" (aunty), "bay bay" (baby), "peas" (please), "no", "yes mom", "day-tu" (thank you), "mah-mah" (milk), "wah wah" (water), "ju ju" (juice), & "heeeeeelp" (help *quickly*)
  • When he sees himself in the mirror he always says "Hi!" followed with a "Five, five, five!" and then gives himself a high five.
  • He loves to pray & we love hearing his version of it (hands folded, talking a mile a minute - so cute!)
  • He's Mister Sensitive. He'll usually cry if we talk firmly to him.
  • He is crazy about Isaiah & affectionately calls him "Bubbah"  
  • He melts our hearts when he blows us kisses & says "mmmmmm....MAH!"
  • He is very generous. He loves to give & share & he's constantly bringing us things he finds around the house. The joy in his eyes when he's sharing something is so sweet.
  • He still loves to snuggle (& we love it too).
March 31: Cousins are so much fun! There was a hailstorm & instead of just watching it through the window, little Taya grabbed Isaiah outside to play in the hail & dance in the rain.

April 1: It was such a treat to have Brielle & Taya travel all the way from Calgary to visit us. Since our time together is so limited, we wanted to take the girls on a special date, so we took them to downtown Vancouver. Although our plans for Capilano Suspension Bridge, Outdoor Ice Skating, & shopping on Robson Street didn't exactly pan out (bad weather & early closing hours), we lots of fun anyway. Taya showed us how to make a Garlic Bread & Spaghetti Sandwich at the Old Spaghetti Factory, we saw incredible views of the city at the Vancouver Lookout, & we had fun walking around the city.

April 2: Only Nana would buy a mini-trampoline & bring it into the living room so that Isaiah could jump on it, & only Isaiah would think the only thing better than jumping on a trampoline in the living room is jumping on a trampoline with a doily on his head!

April 3: Ross & Isaiah did Resurrection Eggs together this morning. It was a good moment for them to consider what Easter is all about.

April 4: It was such a treat this Easter to attend church with family, decorate eggs, watch the kids do an Easter egg hunt, and enjoy fun times with aunts, uncles, & cousins.


Peek at My Paper said...

Great pictures.
I love how you listed all of Elijah's character traits under his photo. Great idea.
Thanks for sharing.

Rene Sharp said...

Your photos are wonderful againt this week! Wow, that bowl of spaghetti is huge!! And I can't believe that view, breathtaking!! Hope you are keeping well. How are the Australia plans coming on?

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