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We're traveling overseas right now & we'll post when we are able, but for now we've pre-scheduled a few posts to catch up on recent events.

Here are a few snapshots & soundbites from our time at the Catalyst conference.  In addition to eating at In-n-Out Burger, watching the surfers at Huntington Beach, & worshiping with Chris Tomlin, we heard from 15 or so incredible leaders in Christian ministry. Our attitudes changed on a few things & our hearts were very challenged for a few things. It was a wonderful time as a couple & we felt like it gave us a big momentum boost for being in ministry, regardless of where we are.

Eugene Cho from One Day's Wages // "We are blessed. We need to sing that song over & over again." We are blessed to be a blessing. "Generosity isn't just for the purpose of blessing other people, it's to rescue us from the abyss of our greed."

Dino Rizzo // Read the local paper & see the things that happen in one night in our own community- domestic violence, house burned, etc. These are our neighbors. These are people who are in the midst of the worst day or worst week of their life... and how can we as the church serve them? Let's be a church that reaches out with no strings attached.

Dallas Willard // Grace is necessary for all of life, not just for forgiveness. It's not just the sinner who needs grace. The saint needs even more grace. The saint burns grace like a 747 burns fuel on takeoff. Everything the saint does consumes more grace.

Kay Warren // God is passionately concerned for 143 million orphans worldwide. While most of us give very little thought to them, they are on the heart of God day and night. We should not look at the problems of the world and saying "what's wrong with the world?"... but rather, we should be asking "What's wrong with me?" if we are unwilling to make a difference in the lives of orphans & widows.

Reggie Joiner // What if the first person the Prodigal met when he came home was the older brother? Do you think the story would be different?

Mark Driscoll // People get burned out & fail in ministry when they are not clear about what God does and what we do. Ministry is not what you and I do for God. Ministry is what God does for us. In us. Through us. Sometimes in spite of us. That's ministry.

Andy Stanley // A new command I give you. "New" means unusual, unexpected. Love one another became the hallmark of the early church. Is it a hallmark in my life?

Jesus reminds us to make love a verb. He's not asking you to feel something. It's a simple & difficult command. Love one another. No qualifiers. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this (not attendance, not worship style, not building program, not even preaching, etc.) everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." John 13:35

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