Isaiah is 5...

We're back from China & we'll get back on the Project Life Tuesday wagon tomorrow, but first, we had to celebrate Isaiah's 5th birthday on the blog!
 He woke up to a room full of balloons! Isaiah & Elijah played with the balloons for hours (& days).
His birthday present from us perched precariously on top of the cake. He has been totally into Planets & Astronauts lately, so we did a space-themed party for him. He told us after the party that it was his favorite birthday ever (out of the two he can remember) & he really hopes that he can be an astronaut as well as a fireman someday.

This rendition of Happy Birthday has some incredible harmony, & Isaiah is one of the most meek candle-blower-outers we've ever seen.

What a gift Isaiah is to us. Happy Birthday buddy. We love you with to the moon & stars & back again.

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Les Hon said...

I can't believe that little guy is already a BIG guy!! 5 years old?!

He's a wonderful boy...

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