Project Life // April 26 thru May 2

We're back from China! We had a great trip & we'll post some pics & video soon. In the meantime, it's time to catch up on Project Life. Here we go...

 April 26:  Papa had hired a logging company to clear some trees on the business property, but there were a few trees that the loggers didn't want to touch! So Papa grabbed his old logging gear & took care of those trees himself. Isaiah loved watching Papa in action.

April 27: This boy is pure joy & so much fun. His most famous phrase is "Mum, Dad, watch dis!" & then he runs off to do something, giggling the whole way.

April 28: Our little Cubbie has finished all of his verses & projects. Tonight we went to the final AWANA celebration of the year. On the way home he was already talking about being a Sparky next year! Have we mentioned that he loves AWANA?

April 29: Happy 5th birthday our precious boy! You are such a gift to us and we're so thankful for you.

April 30: As missionaries, we want to keep our financial & prayer supporters up to date on how God is working in our lives. We try to do this on a regular basis with the blog & social media, but every couple of months we also send out a prayer letter update. It is always such a big project for us! Almost without fail, each time we go to print something goes wrong- whether the labels or the letter or the envelopes... it is always a battle, but it's worth it in the end.

May 1: It was so much fun to have Ross' sister Cher & niece Demi visit. She is one of the sweetest little girls we know! She can't say "Ross" or "Uncle" so somehow she decided to call Ross "Tickles." He loved spending time with his little niece & he gave her plenty of tickles too!

May 2: Aunty Cher came all the way from Calgary for Isaiah's birthday.  It meant so much to us that she came such a long way to see us. We always enjoy our time together and the boys especially loved all the extra hugs & kisses and fun she brings when she comes.  It's just not the same without you Aunty Cher. We love you!

Stay tuned for the next edition... we hope to be all caught up on Project Life by this weekend.

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