Project Life // May 10 thru 16

We're just about caught up on Project Life again! This week started in China, included a visit to Vietnam, lots of time in airports, & finally lots of hugs from our sweet boys.

May 10: Packing our suitcases with "gifts" for the Hmong believers in Vietnam. We had to pack them with great care so that they hopefully wouldn't cause a scene as they went through the scanner. We ended up bringing a little over 100 books into the country, but we were sad that we couldn't bring many more with us.

May 11: No picture today... =(  The car that gave us a ride to the Ho Chi Minh airport broke down & in our rush to get out of the car & in line for our flight, we left our camera behind. We were so happy when we heard that our Vietnamese friend (an incredible man doing incredible ministry in a very hard country) found the camera & is sending it back to us!

May 12: Somewhere over Japan... we left Ho Chi Minh at midnight on the 11th & landed in Seoul, South Korea at 6:00am. We were able to get some sleep during our 12 hour layover, but couldn't sleep on the 11 hour flight from Seoul to Seattle because we were too excited to see the boys!

May 13: We made it home! It was so wonderful to hug the boys again. Oh how we missed them.

May 14: Believe it or not, this was Elijah's first time really playing in the dirt. He loved it!

May 15: We loaded the boys in the van & went for a long, wandering drive around Lynden (they love going for drives). It was a real treat to watch the sun set together.

May 16: Taya's parents invited the whole family over for "Rib Night." Gary marinated & smoked the ribs to perfection & we watched a video of some highlights from China. It was so cute to watch Isaiah eat ribs. He eats them like he eats corn on the cob- extremely thorough! He didn't miss a spot. =)

Thanks for checking out our Project Life (& for bearing with us while we catch up). You can view past editions of Project Life here, or click the button below to see Project Life examples from people all around the world.

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