Project Life // May 3 thru 9 (China)

We're back from China & getting caught up on Project Life. This week's edition is all about China. We'll post a video showing some highlights from our trip tomorrow, but for now here are some photos from our recent Bible-courier trip.

May 3: After a tearful goodbye with the kids, we drove to SeaTac airport & got ready for 27 hours of travel from Seattle to Seoul to Hong Kong to the China Border. Our flights were fabulous & God blessed us with very minor jet-lag.

May 4: As soon as we woke up, we were eager to make our first trip across the border. After a thorough briefing on what to do (& even more on what not to do), we packed our bags full of "bread" & made our first crossing with much fear & trembling. It was a success! 52 Study Bibles made it through.

May 5: Today we had a goal of making three trips across the border. We love our own Bibles & it such a privilege to get to carry suitcases full of Bibles for other believers. We saw God at work minute by minute & hour by hour. Our first trip brought 60 Bibles, our second trip brought 70 Bibles, & on the third & final trip of the day we got busted... but God blinded the eyes of the guard & 2 precious Bibles still made it through. We celebrated so much over those 2 Bibles!

May 6: We were missing the boys like crazy even before we left the Seattle airport, but thanks to Skype we were able to connect with them on the webcam. It was so fun to see their smiling faces & to show them the view outside our window. 

May 7: We had scheduled to end our trip by making one delivery of "bread" to Vietnam, but before we could do that, we had to go downtown Hong Kong to get our entry Visas. While we waited for our Visas to be processed we spent the day in downtown Hong Kong & made a trip to the top of Victoria Peak. It's a pretty incredible city & we were amazed at the combination of architecture, culture, & natural beauty.

May 8: We were eager to get all of the Bibles across the border that had been confiscated on an earlier trip. We were able to carry 110 in on the first trip, 89 on the second trip, & then we got busted again on our last trip of the day... but every single time we got stopped, God somehow arranged for some Bibles to make it through!

May 9: This is the little room we would unload our Bibles in & it sure felt like a sauna in there, but it also felt like holy ground. We were busted again on our first trip (but still got 11 through), we finished the day with two of our biggest loads so far... 107 & 104, & God guided every single one of them safely through.

Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow for a video with some more highlights from China, & then on the weekend we hope to post the last "catching up" installment of Project Life. Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

We are just so proud of your willing and sacrificial hearts, kids. We love you very much...God loves you more!

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