Follow the leader (in your heart)?

Do you remember playing the game "follow the leader?" I think it's safe to say that the key to the whole game could be summed up this way: Observe & Act.

Are there any correlations between that childhood game & following Jesus?

Listen to Francis Chan's 3-minute observation about the way religious people are often good at memorizing passages or finding out the meaning of phrases, but they suck at playing "follow the leader."

Do you think he's being too harsh in his criticism? 
Have you ever been called a "radical?" 
Is this a message you hear often in your church or community?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments...

1 comment:

Gelatt Family Life said...

Hey, man. Great video, and he is not being too harsh. He is "spot on" with his observation of the majority of Christians, including myself for much of my Christian walk. Convicting, bubba...convicting!

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