Out of the ears of babes...

Earlier today I saw this video of a little boy who was hearing his mom's voice for the first time & thought it was just incredible.

The first thing that came to mind was a bible verse where Jesus quotes Psalm 8:2 as a response to religious skeptics (it's true, they were incredibly religious & yet they didn't believe & even despised the very centerpiece of their religion). As the little children praised Jesus in the temple, the skeptics wanted Jesus to shrug off their praises or tell them to quiet down. Jesus reply was, "haven't you ever read, 'out of the mouths of infants & nursing babies, you have prepared praise'?" The skeptics didn't say another word. Of course they had read the passage Jesus referred to. They knew they could never stop an all-powerful God from receiving the praise He deserves.

I think the same conversation is happening today. It's as if the grown-up skeptics are saying "we can't figure you out. You don't fit in our box & we don't like it." And Jesus patiently says "why don't you ask a little kid. They know me & & they love me."

I know the verse refers to praise coming from the mouths of babies, but as I watched the video, I just can't help but think that this baby is praising Jesus with his hearing too. We always think of praise as being the songs we sing, but we should consider the fact that we've got two ears & one mouth. Maybe this is a reminder that we need to incorporate an element of listening into our praise.

I'm praying that as a family we'll be thankful for the all of the sights, & sounds, & smells of today & every day. And I pray that with the pure joy that this baby displayed, we will worship God with our mouth & our ears & our whole lives. 

p.s. I love how at the end of the video the doctor says, "we call that a late Christmas present." I honestly don't know what any of these people think about Jesus. But I do think there's something pretty incredible about the human body & the ability to speak, to hear, & to communicate, that makes skilled professionals spend their lives trying to figure out how it works so that they might somehow be used to fix it. And then after all of their inventions & interventions have finally showed some sign of "success," within 20 seconds there is a reference to God bridging the gap. He talks about a "Christmas present." That's what Christmas is all about isn't it? God bridges the gap that stands between us & Him & brings healing to those who are helpless. What a beautiful thing.

 p.s.s. I'd love to hear what your very first reaction was when you saw it. I bet nobody watches it and thinks "I wonder how they get those cochlear implants to work? Technology is amazing!" What was your reaction? Did you laugh or cry? Did you say something out loud?


Dave/Deb Mom/Dad Nana/Papa said...

I cried...just beautiful. Great thoughts kids.

Anonymous said...

Pregnant girl had a hard time with this one! Got the waterworks going, but then again, just about anything with babies does that these days. What a beautiful moment for the family to capture and share!

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