Project Life // May 31 thru June 6

Yes, we are a little behind, but we're not bailing on this Project Life thing! Here's how we spent the last week (we'll have to fill in the gaps of the 2 weeks before that later =)).

May 31: This is how you know you're at Nana's house...
June 1: Moving Day! We've been living out of suitcases for a little over 6 months now, & when we found out that our Australian Visas were denied & that we'd be "stuck" in Lynden for another 4 or 5 months, we thought it would be wise to look for a place we could rent short-term. We loved being with our parents, but we were really looking forward to having a little more structure for the kids, one-on-one time with each other, & finally unpacking our suitcases (at least for a few months)!

June 2: It's nothing but rain for days in every direction. It rains so much here. Really missing Little Rock today.

June 3: We borrowed a couch & Nana offered to clean it with her super-duper vacuum cleaner. When Isaiah heard there would be bubbles & foam, he instantly volunteered to help!

June 4: Being our first sit-down meal at the new house, I had a really romantic vision of how it would go... but here's what really happened: Burned the chicken skewers. Badly. The smoke set off the fire alarms throughout the house (which made both kids cry). Then when we finally sat down for our meal, the chicken ended up being too spicy for the kids to eat. Memories made? Absolutely! =)

June 5: Today was the Farmer's Day Parade & Dutch Heritage Festival in Lynden. We love Lynden & we love their parades. The boys were all smiles & giggles as they watched numerous marching bands, berry pickers, & what seemed like every single tractor in the county pass by on Front Street.

June 6: In keeping with moving to a new house, we thought it would be fun to check out a new church as well. We're hoping to be a part of an Acts 29 church plant when we move to Australia, so it was fun to check out a local Acts 29 church in Bellingham. Plus, Oikos Fellowship just happens to be down the street from one of the best burger joints around.

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The Kingsborough Queen said...

great pictures!!! all of them...but, i'm torn between the bed jumping and the parade. i sure love that smile...sure love that boy!!!

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