Project Life Tuesday // June 7 thru 13

If we could sum up this week of Project Life in one word it would be "abide." This week felt like the first time in almost 9 months that we just enjoyed being in one place, unpacked, together, as a family... just abiding in the place God has us right now.

June 7: We've been waiting for this day for over 6 months. We finally put the suitcases away (for now). Even though we unpacked them 8200 miles away from where we originally planned, it's still a relief to put them away for a season. We fully trust God to bring us (& our beat-up luggage) to the next place in His perfect time.

June 8: We unpacked a few boxes & the boys have greatly enjoyed playing with some of their "old" toys which feel brand new to them, but the thing they have loved even more than their toys are there books! These boys both LOVE books.

June 9: Happy birthday Grandma! We're so thankful to celebrate this day with you. You are a gift to our family.

June 10: Elijah is constantly making us smile. This picture represents him perfectly- one sock off, cruising around the house, great big smile on his face, & holding his sippy-cup in his own special way (look Mom, no hands!).

 June 11: It's about time we start to bring back some of our family traditions. The first one being Friday Night Popcorn & snuggling on the couch.

 June 13: Today was the fishing derby in Lynden's wonderful city park & Isaiah caught his very first fish!
June 13: Isaiah caught the fish. Daddy cleaned the fish. And together they grilled it for dinner tonight.

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