Project Life Tuesday(s) // June 14 thru 27

Time for a little Project Life catch up! We were unable to post last week, so this week's post is a two-for-one (no coupon required). Thanks for joining this Project Life/Project 365 journey with us.

June 14: Isaiah asked Ross if he could help him build something out of Lego's. Turns out he wanted to build a church and when it's built he will tell people about Jesus love. I asked him if the church is in Lynden & he said "No Dad, it's in China!" Go get 'em buddy.

June 15: Tonight we had our families over for dinner. In the midst of setting the table I looked up & saw the boys snuggled in the chair with Auntie Taryn reading to them. So cute!

June 16: It's here... the camera we left behind in Vietnam just made it back! We're praying for our friends in Vietnam who found it & sent it to us. They are such incredible people.

June 17: Elijah's favorite way to read a book - upside down!

June 18: We declared today pajama day & the boys were thrilled! It's one of Isaiah's most favorite days. He immediately grabbed a pillow & pretended to sleep on the living room floor. Of course the Little Buddy wants to do everything Big Brother does, so I found them both snuggled up together in the middle of the room.

June 19: We celebrated Father's day with Taya's dad by going to Saturday night church together followed by a delicious family barbecue for dinner. We missed Taryn, who was at a horse camp, but it was fun to be together for this special day.

June 20: We had a wonderful Father's Day as a family. Delicious strawberry waffles & cards & gifts at breakfast. Tons of fun at Boulevard Park's playground with Nana & Papa.  A great burger at 5 Guys & Ross' favorite ice cream at Mallard's. It was perfect! Happy Father's Day Babe! You are such an AMAZING Daddy and gift to us. We are so thankful & blessed. Our cup overflows... ♥

June 21: Now that we're in our own place we don't have any excuse to not use the treadmill, right? Right? =)

June 22: Finally! A warm enough day for the kids to put on swimsuits & get wet.

June 23: The boys first time picking strawberries. Lynden is like the "berry capital of the world" & it is such a treat to be here for berry season. Believe me, we're making the most of it!

June 24: Even though we aren't in Australia yet, there is no shortage of ministry opportunities for us. Ross has been helping FamilyLife Australia online & he has recently started going across the border to help the team at FamilyLife Canada & Power to Change (the Canadian arm of Campus Crusade for Christ). Ross is LOVING spinning these various ministry plates & he is learning so much about ministry & leadership along the way. God knows exactly where He wants us & we trust Him to move us along at just the right time.

June 25: Elijah & his friend Sam. They are almost a month apart & they are just too cute!

June 26: Tonight was such a fun night. Ross' sister Cher & the girls have come to Lynden for a visit & tonight we made so many great memories. We met at Dutch Mothers for dinner before going to Lynden's Million Smiles park. It was a night full of giggles & laughs & slides & swings. Such a blessing to have these moments.

June 27: Elijah LOVES "ah-go-nah" (a.k.a granola).  It is his favorite breakfast. He always eats his bowl clean and often asks for more. 

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