"We had to obey Him..."

In a frantic rush to leave the country, we accidentally left our camera in Vietnam... but it just arrived in the mail!

It was fun to see a few video clips from our time in Vietnam, but we were most excited to get a picture of our new friends.  They're a young couple with young kids living in a hard country, but they love Jesus with all their hearts & they show it by leading underground churches, caring for orphans & widows, & working creatively to practice hospitality with unbelievers with the hopes that they can share the truth about Jesus boldly. They have faced persecution & lived for years as refugees.

I asked my friend, "would you want to move to America?" His eyes got huge & he said "Of course we would want to move to America! And we had an opportunity... But God said He wanted us here, so we had to obey Him."

This is something that really struck us about the believers in communist Asia: they actually believe that God is God and that God is good, so when He says something, they do it. I wonder how shocked they would be if they realized that many western Christians treat God's words as vague suggestions instead of commands.

"Jesus promised the disciples three things---that they would be completely fearless, absurdly happy and in constant trouble." -G.K. Chesterton (these friends are a perfect mix of all three!)
If you've read this far, please pray for our friends. We can't share their names here, but their name is the same as a term we would use for having praised God with our voice. They are currently caring for 6 kids who have either been orphaned or their parents face intense religious persecution in the north. In addition to caring for the kids, they have two businesses & lead 4 underground congregations.

They shared with us that the combination of pressure by the government & pressures of poverty have lead to a lot of struggling families (even within the church), and they have asked if we could do some training for building strong marriages & families. Several things would need to fall in place in order for this to happen:
  • Currently, none of our resources are translated into the language,
  • The logistics to plan something like this would be a crazy-maker,
  • Not to mention the need for Visas, $$$, & people to come from across the country without the gov. shutting it down,
  • Lastly, our own attitudes. Vietnam is probably at the bottom of the list of countries we enjoyed traveling to. There was very little about it that we liked, & we couldn't wait to leave...
We're starting to pray that God might cause all of this to work out & that, we might follow the example of our friends by saying, "we have to obey." =)

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