Project Life // July 5 thru 11

July 5: We celebrated the 4th on the 5th at Ryan & Traci's house. We had such a nice evening playing games, eating great desserts & enjoying a beautiful sunset before watching the guys put on a fireworks display.

July 6: Savoring the last few tasty remnants of our trip to Canada. We don't have chips in our house very often, but the Old Dutch Ketchup & Dill Pickle chips are memories of Ross' growing up in Canada.

July 7: These boys play so nicely together, and now they're enjoying books together! They really are best friends and we love it.

July 8: The warm weather has finally begun around here & the boys are having a blast splashing & spraying water in our little backyard.

July 9: The warm weather of July also means something else exciting... fresh Raspberry Pie from Dutch Mothers! The best pie in America.

July 11: A friend reminded us that today is John Deere days in Lynden. This day was made for little boys to enjoy! They rode the train, bounced on inflatables, pet the Clydesdales, ate hot dogs & popcorn, & climbed all over tractors... all before 11:00am. What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning as a family.

July 12: Daddy's trying to get a little more exercise and Elijah is more than happy to help! Elijah loves everything about bikes, whether it's riding in the trailer or learning to pedal his little trike. He keeps coming up to us & asking "I ride? I ride? Peeease mama, I ride?"

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