Project Life Tuesday // July 12 thru 18

July 12: Today we got to babysit cousin Emily & the boys were in heaven! They love her so much.

July 13: Isaiah is our cautious kid & riding the bike hasn't exactly "clicked" for him so far... until today! He was determined to figure it out & before long he was zipping up & down the street.

July 14: Nana let Isaiah use her camera to take his very first pictures tonight. We think his self portrait is the best. =) Along with about 30 blurry photos he snapped while running around the back yard, he did capture some really beautiful pics & a great moment where we learned that Auntie Penny is going to be a Nana!

July 15: Two cool brothers chillin' on the back steps.

July 16: Isaiah LOVES corn on the cob & today at the Raspberry Festival there was a vendor selling fresh roasted corn. We were eager to let him eat it because his front tooth is loose & we were hoping that the corn might help it along a bit.

July 17: Today was a fun day for the boys in the family because there was an excellent car show lining the streets downtown Lynden. Ross & the boys met up with Grandpa & Papa and they all had a blast. Ross owned a Mustang just like this when we were dating, so he had fun showing the boys his favorite hot rods.

July 18: Today was such a special day for Isaiah. Our relatives Randy & Leslie have the most beautiful & well-kept raspberry fields in the county. Today they let Isaiah come over to ride on the raspberry picker! Their daughter Caitlin told Isaiah all about the plants & the picker & how the berries are processed. He has not stopped talking about pickers since then. He even modified one of his toys into a pretend picker. =)

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