Project Life // August 2 thru 8

Here's part 2 of our "catching up" on Project Life trilogy. View Part 1 here, or see all previous editions here.

August 2: A boy after his Momma's heart! I love how Isaiah organizes his shoes...

August 3: This is what I often see in the rear-view mirror. I love it when he holds them up & then says in his deep, low voice "I see you Mama! I see you!"

August 4: Isaiah has been doing Taekwondo for a while now & he's really starting to get the hang of it. Today he took his first test & got his Orange Belt!

August 5: If there was such a thing as a Blueberry fan club, our family would be in it! The boys have loved helping me pick fresh blueberries & they each have their own picking style. Isaiah picks the biggest, ripest, most perfect berries... but he doesn't get very many of them. On the other hand, Elijah usually brings back a bucket FULL of all kinds of green ones, blue ones, smushed ones, etc. plus a few twigs & leaves. =)

August 6: Cousins chillin' on Nana's deck after beating the heat in a wading pool. Sometimes the life of a preschooler sounds so appealing!

August 7: Today we attended our second outdoor wedding of the year & both of them have been in the rain. In spite of the weather, Becca & Anthony's wedding was beautiful & we were so blessed by their love for each other & for the Lord.

August 8: Ross is the barber for the boys in the family (he even does his own hair), and today it was finally time to trim Elijah's long locks. It was so cute to see Elijah & Daddy carrying on fun conversations throughout the whole haircut, just like at a real barber shop.

*Part 3 of our Project Life catch-up should hit a website near you sometime this weekend!*

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