Project Life // August 9 thru 15

We're all caught up now! This has been such a fun project & it has really pushed us to consistently look for the "moments" & memories in every single day. Each day is a gift, isn't it?

August 9: Uh-oh. Today Taya was driving around one of the traffic round-abouts & managed to screech to a stop when the car in front stopped suddenly, but the BMW behind her didn't get the memo. We're happy to say it was just a minor collision & the other driver's insurance is taking care of the whole repair bill.

August 10: Tonight we celebrated the upcoming arrival of our precious niece. Can't wait to meet you Baby Girl!

August 11: Elijah learned a new skill tonight... instead of crawling or using his hands to keep his balance, he just bounded up and down the stairs. Our baby is growing up!

August 12: Another highlight of spending the summer near family: celebrating the birthdays of our beautiful nieces Brielle & Taya.

August 13: A little boy with a big heart for the nations...

August 14: Lately Elijah has LOVED cruising around on his John Deere tractor, but now he has a new buddy to cruise with: a stuffed Monkey that Daddy bought for him. These two love to cruise & crash & giggle. 

August 15: Race Day! A few months ago Ross decided that in spite of the uncertainty of our living situation, he needed to have a few short-term goals to work towards. One of the goals he set was to run in a 10k race. Today in spite of the sweltering heat & a bit of a rough course, he accomplished his goal (& even made his goal time!). So proud of you Babe!

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The Mulder Family said...

I love your Project Life's awesome!! Also if you would be able to send me via e-mail your mailing address that would be great...when baby finally comes we would love you to come to our welcoming celebration :)

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