Things could be better. Things could be worse.

Here are two fun Christmas-y things I ran across today...

First, I loved how Improv Everywhere came along this Salvation Army bell-ringer to add a little more excitement to his song & service:

Next, I thought this short story sums up how many guys feel about Christmas shopping:
It was a few days before Christmas on the Oregon coast. Two men whose families lived next door to each other opted to go sailing while their wives went Christmas shopping. An unexpected storm surprised the weekend sailors. Before long, the sea became angry, and the two had a difficult time keeping the sailboat under control. While heading toward the harbor, the craft hit a sandbar and grounded. Both men jumped overboard into the icy water and began to push and shove in an attempt to get the sailboat into deeper water. Knee-deep in mud and repeatedly bounced against the hull by unfriendly waves, the one said to the other, "Sure beats Christmas shopping, doesn't it?"
Whether things are feeling better or worse for you, we do hope that this Christmas finds you celebrating the birth of the Savior & the true peace & joy He alone can bring.

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