Jesus in a Suitcase...

I saw this painting this morning & have not been able to stop thinking of friends in China (& Vietnam) all day.

Artwork by Jeff Gill (via Jim LePage)
Right this minute we have friends who are acting as pack mules for Jesus, trying to deliver precious cargo to underground believers in Jesus. I'm so inspired by their example & their faith. I'm also convicted at my own selfishness & timidity here in America. I once read of a Vietnamese pastor who said, “We have learned that suffering is not the worst thing in the world... disobedience to God is the worst.We're so proud of your obedience to God, B&V!

It makes me boil when I think of the power we profess and the utter impotency of our action. Believers who know one-tenth as much as we do are doing one hundred times more for God, with His blessing and our criticism.” -Jim Elliot (missionary/martyr)

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