welcome, judah.

God blessed us with a healthy, adorable baby boy on September 24... we named him Judah Ross. His name means "let God be praised."

Psalm 146 has always been our favorite Psalm.

We love that it begins & ends with praise.
We love that it speaks of praising the LORD for all of your life.
We love that it speaks of God remaining faithful forever... He has been to us.
We love the sense of mission that it gives as it reminds us that God gives food to the hungry, sets prisoners free, etc. and it compels us to go out & share that gospel of good news & victory with others.

Our prayer for Judah Ross is that he would praise the LORD with all of his life & as long as he lives, and that he would be a leader who is unafraid to step into some of the most difficult & challenging situations in life- knowing that God sees, God cares, and God will act.

Judah is an incredible gift to us & we praise God for him.


Dave and Debbie Black said...

Precious grateful to God for Judah Ross. We love you to infinity....Nana and Papa xxoo

Holly said...

I've watched this video so many times and I'm a blubbering mess each time!!! Can't wait to meet this precious lamb...congratulations...again!!!

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